How WhiskyDan Works

What is WhiskyDan?

Whiskydan is an exclusive club designed to share our knowledge and passion for Whiskys awe want to share our expertise with enthusiasts all over the UK and Ireland, and eventually the world. Each month we select one of the world’s finest whiskys, including rare and exclusive bottles, not available elsewhere, and send it to our members along with a range of exciting treats to accompany your whisky experience

What types of membership are on offer?

Whiskydan currently offers three types of membership; our standard recurring plan our bi-montly plan & our yearly memberships. When purchasing a gift membership, you are required to pay up front for all boxes and our prices start from £40. After purchase you will be emailed a personalised gift certificate. The membership will automatically expire after the final box has arrived and we will email them notifying them of this. Our standard recurring plans are pay-per box and you will be charged according to your membership frequency. For instance, if you are on a bi-monthly plan you will be charged £20 every month. Our standard memberships are extremely flexible and can be upgraded/downgraded, paused or cancelled at anytime. We also do not require a contract so you are free to leave whenever you like!To make any changes to your account, send us an email at (

How much does it cost to become a member?

If you sign up to one of our standard recurring plans, you will be charged £40 each month you are due to receive a box. We do not charge a joining or cancellation fee. If you sign up to the annual gift memberships, you will pay for all boxes up front £450. Prices for gift boxes start at £40 per box.

Are there any hidden fees or additional costs?

There are no hidden fees or additional costs. All membership plan prices include delivery to all UK and Ireland addresses and there is no charge for making any changes, or pausing/cancelling your membership.

What size will my bottle of Whisky be?

We always send a 'full-sized' bottle of Whisky, but bottle size depends on the distiller. Most craft distillers sell their whisky in 70cl bottles. Some craft distillers sell their whisky in 50cl bottles. WhiskyDan experts normally choose to work with craft distillers that use 70cl bottles. However, if our experts decide that a distiller that sells a 50cl bottle has produced a whisky of exceptional quality, we will send our Members a 50cl bottle including extras in the box that make up for the difference in liquid.

How do you choose the box contents?

Our whisky experts taste many different whiskys throughout the year to find those potential standouts that would be perfect for our club members. The whiskys are sourced from multiple craft distillers around the world and feature a wide range of different distillations that give each whisky a unique flavour. Our whiskys are judged on everything from branding to overall finish, and only those that receive exceptionally high scores are shortlisted for our boxes.We follow a similar rigorous selection process for the additional items in the box, working hard to select products that complement the whisky - whether it's the distiller's favourite mixer or a treat from the place where the whisky was made.

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